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Case Study Analysis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Analysis - Case Study ExampleWe all agree that wife battering is a serious hatred in the law however a battered individual should non take matters into his/her hands, but should let the law take its run for (Federal Judicial Center, 2002). In this case, Dr. Bauer should pursue her duties responsibly, in spite of the pity that she feels for the wife. How should she proceed? For justice to be attained in this scenario, Bauer should not try eitherthing which allow be against the course of justice. The role of the law is to protect the rights of the people, and since the attorney has trusted her enough to give her the task, she should undertake the matter with a lot of integrity (Federal Judicial Center, 2002). She should take her efforts towards the selection of a panel that is competent in what they are going to do. Integrity and justice should be her driving forces in the process, putting it in her drumhead that one time in her life she will also require justice. If the wife is guilty, she should be punished accordingly by the law. However, we cannot all overrule the fact that the crime might have been committed in self defense. As a result, Bauer should let the real truth be discovered in order for ordinary judgment to be made. Should Bauer offer her advice regarding the syndrome evidence? Why or why not. Bauer can only do that if whatever she is going to say will be of help in the quest for the truth. It is apparent that she really is against women battering and very sympathetic towards the woman. The dodging to be used during the defendants trial will determine the magnitude of the sentence to be administered. She surely should give her advice, if she feels that the syndrome gives inadequate evidence which may lead to an unfair sentence. However, since her role is not to identify the strategy, she should not choose the strategy to be used. All she will do is to give advice on what she thinks will serve best the interests of the case, though this sho uld be done without any form of bias (Canadian Judicial Council, 2000). She can also present her strategy (PTSD) so that those concerned with that role will make an informed purpose on the strategy to be used. Should Bauer Pursue The Poison Pill Strategy? Why or Why Not. Her main aim of wanting to pursue the poison birth control pill strategy is to block the truth from being discovered. According to her, she will select jurors who are going to conflict in such a way that their discussions wint result in anything worth. It will be evil for her to pursue something which is going to waste peoples time. She should know that truth should always be left to reign in any circumstance. By pursuing the pill strategy, it may lead to the dismissal of the panel and new members appointed to take over the case. Unfortunately, if this happens it can only be worse for her because the new panel of jurors may even be too harsh on the defended. The poison pill strategy she chose may eventually work a gainst her unless if it is executed with a lot of wisdom. Thus, she should come up with another better and fair strategy. What Are the Ethical Implications of Dr. Bauers decision? The decision made by Bauer is immoral and unethical since it is against the realization of justice (Canadian Judicial Council, 2000). As much as Bauer feels great pity for the battered wife, she should not defend the woman unethically. Rather she should look for

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