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Youth Outdoor Adventures Bus. Plan Essays - Experiential Learning

Youth Outdoor Adventures Bus. Plan Essays - Experiential Learning Youth Outdoor Adventures Bus. Plan MARKETING PLAN OUTLINE Company: Youth Outdoor Adventures: Our mission is to provide educational outdoor experiences for underprivileged youth. Strengths: Unique opportunity Not a lot of competition Free to kids School support Weaknesses: Cliental is not traditionally familiar with product We currently cannot accommodate all who apply Starts up costs are high Large staffing needs Opportunities and Threats: The average child who grows up in a large urban area stays there for most of their life. We feel that this program will be successful because it opens up a city child to a whole new world. This program will start in NYC. We would eventually like for it to spread to all the major urban areas of the United States. We will get funding for this program by soliciting major corporations and foundations. One of the major threats that we perceive is that we cannot raise enough money trough these sponsors. History: Youth Outdoor Adventures is a new, not for profit company. Consumer Analysis: Geographic United States, Urban area, NYC Demographic 5th graders, no regard to gender, race, religion or nationality Psychographics Underprivileged youth, no regard to lifestyle or personality Behavioral Children, or participants would be allowed to go on one trip. Trips will be run weekly. All equipment and other necessities other then clothing will be provide. The participants need only to sign up. Competitive Analysis: There are no other firms that are providing services like ours for free to the participants. We anticipate little competition as far as similar services are concerned. We will be competing for the participants time, the average youth has many interests, and we want him or her to come with us. We would like to establish relationships with schools and other social services that work with children. Together we can promote each others services. Environmental challenges: The environment that affects us most is the social cultural environment. Many inner city children not have a high comfort level in outdoor adventure situations. To ease this cultural difference we would recruit and train employees from the same urban background. The economic environment may also have an effect. If there is a recession we can expect less donations from sponsors, even though the same needs will exist. Marketing Objectives: As a non-profit, are main goal is to serve the children. We hope that after the start up of the company we can steadily increase the number of children served each year. We hope to establish ourselves as the leader in outdoor education to the underprivileged. By becoming a well-respected name we will ensure sponsorships. Strategy: Product: Youth Outdoor Adventures will provide outdoor trips such as skiing, kayaking, rock climbing, and backpacking. The trips will be offered to 5th graders in the NYC area. All equipment except for personnel clothing will be provided. Food is also included. The children will be picked up from a central location. The company provides all transportation from there. The children will have to apply for the program. Pricing: The service is free to the children. None monetary prices include giving up one weekend that could be used for studying or other activities. Distribution/Place: The children can sigh up for the service through our web site and promotional materials. Once the children sign up for the service we will mail them all the information they need. As stated above, all the participants will meet at a central location and our staff will bring them to the activity. Because our business is a service we do not need a distribution center. Promotional strategy: We intended to form partnerships with the NYC school district. Through this partnership we will distribute materials to principals and teachers. Staff members will be available to speak to PTA groups, principles, students and other stakeholders. We will also establish a reputation by linking ourselves with our sponsors.

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Johnny Cash Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Johnny Cash - Essay Example Partly of Indian descent, Johnny Cash was born in Kingsland, Arkansas on 26 February 1932 into the family of a poor sharecropper, Ray Cash. Little Johnny was raised in a shotgun shack in Arkansas’s cotton zone. The Cash family eked out a hand-to-mouth existence supported by working long hours at farming cotton. Johnny joined the family occupations from the age of five. His first exposure to music came when singing along with his family as they worked in the fields during the day and sang hymns on the porch at night. After working hard during the day, Johnny liked to listen to the radio at night. The country songs aired on the radio inspired him to write his own songs, and he started doing this at the age of twelve. While at school, Johnny once sang on the Arkansas radio station KLCN. His mother Reba encouraged him to write songs, and also taught him how to play the guitar. In later life, his singing career began when he auditioned with Sun Records and its owner Sam Phillips.T

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Spiritual Needs Assessment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Spiritual Needs Assessment - Assignment Example Doctor Christina Puchalski of George Washington University devised FICA assessment. There are certain other guidelines as well and most of them focus different parts of religion in such a manner that they are able to see the depth of relationship between a person and his religion. Assessment tools and patient answers. I am a Muslim and I believe in one GOD and his messenger and prophet (PBUH). I do practice my religion but I won’t say I am a very religious person since I don’t follow most of the guidelines. Believing in one God and the teaching of his messenger influence all my life and give meaning to it. Sometimes I seek religion for the solution of my problems but I feel being mean at times just because I am seeking it for my personal desires rather than following it all along. At times I do get irritated and aggressive on myself for not being a practicing Muslim. I think for me religion has solution for lot of things I just can’t get enough courage and knowledge to overcome my fears and act upon my religion properly. So In lot of ways it does influence and effect lot of things that I do every day. I live in a multi cultural society where people have different views; some of them are liberals while some of them belong to other religious groups. There is a lot of diversity in the society I live with. This is not supportive since I don’t get proper motivational force that I need to be a religious person and don’t get enough knowledge but I cope up well with it so I would say it is my personal thing without being influenced by society much. The individual under discussion had a sound basis of religion and it did seem to influence his life. He seemed to respect his religion which gave me indications that it can be used for his psychological therapy and betterment. Patient’s cooperation and his response to answers went very well. He used to gestures for expression and seemed to get emotional while mentioning the details. After this

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Connecting assets and choosing your community Research Paper

Connecting assets and choosing your community - Research Paper Example Firstly, research findings indicate that sedentary lifestyles predispose children to obesity (Ogden et al., 2014). As such, open spaces and play areas are critical to increasing physical activity. Secondly, effective obesity prevention initiatives require a multidisciplinary approach by various healthcare professions (Saxe, 2011). Therefore, healthcare expertise will bring together physicians, psychologists, dieticians and other support staff. Thirdly, high-calorie foods contribute largely to the risks of childhood obesity. High-calorie foods are more appealing to low-income houses because they are less expensive (Ogden et al., 2014). Consequently, holistic and sustainable food policies will increase access to both affordable and healthy foods. In the same vein, the policies will also increase opportunities for physical activity. For example, the city planning department can formulate policies that will require residential developers to provide playgrounds and gym facilities. Fourthly, childhood obesity predisposes children to the risk of chronic diseases, which include Type 2 diabetes and blood pressure (Ogden et al., 2014). Diagnostic tools for blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes will ensure early diagnosis and management. Furthermore, Body Mass Index (BMI) charts will be necessary to identify the risk level among children. Finally, health education is a critical nursing intervention in the sense that it gives individuals greater control over their health and well-being (Saxe, 2011). Conference facilities are thus required to educate parents and family members about healthy lifestyles. One partner does not own the identified assets. Accordingly, the nursing plan will incorporate assets from different partners. Potential partners will include the mayor of the city, health providers within the community, community-based organizations, religious leaders, and parents. All theses

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Newton Raphson Method Example

Newton Raphson Method Example INTEGRATED AC/DC POWER SYSTEM USING MODIFIED NEWTON-RAPHSON LOAD FLOW ANALYSIS ABSTRACT The Newton-Raphson method or the other name called Newton Method, is a powerful technique for solving equations numerically. Like so much of the differential calculus, it is based on the simple idea of linear approximation. The Newton Method, properly used, usually homes in on a root with devastating efficiency. In this research, the Newton-Raphson method load flow analysis will be modified. It is modified to attain compatibility for the AC/DC systems with unified DC links in the ac network. The modified Jacobian equation includes the DC real and reactive power at the AC/DC buses and their dependency on the AC system variables. The AC/DC test system with a load flow computation in MATLAB will be evaluated by using modified Newton-Raphson method. INTRODUCTION Electric power transmission was primitively developed with direct current. The availability of transformers and the development and of induction motors at the beginning of the 20th Century, led to greater appeal and use of AC transmission. The research and development on multi-electrode grid controlled mercury arc valve for high powers and voltages was carried out in 1929. There use in conversion processes for transmission and frequency changing was carried out in 1930’s. DC transmission now became practical when long distances were to be covered or where cables were required. After the Second World War, the research on HVDC got stimulated, particularly in Sweden and in Russia. In 1950, a 116 km experimental transmission line was commissioned from Moscow to Kasira at 200 kV [1]. HVDC transmission is now an integral part of the delivery of electricity in many countries throughout the world. In view of rapid growth in demand and supply of electricity, electric power system is becoming increasingly large and more complex. Moreover, regular electric supply is the sheer necessity for growing industry and other fields of life. The power industry planners are demanding stronger trend towards supplying electric power of higher quality by improving the system security and its impact on environment in parallel with pursuit of economy. In real life situation, the criterion of perfection is never met, because there are deviations between the model and reality. Load flow and state estimation analysis are important tools for deciding the stable operation and control of power system as well as future planning of power systems [2, 3]. The first commercial HVDC line built in 1954 was a 98 km submarine cable with ground return between the island of Gotland and the Swedish mainland [4]. Thyristors were applied to DC. Transmission in the late 1960’s and solid state valves became a reality. In 1969, a contract for the Eel River DC. Link in Canada was awarded as the first application of sold state valves for HVDC transmission [4]. PROBLEM STATEMENT Why use DC transmission in the transmission system? This question often asked by the people. Some of people are response that the losses will are lower. Unfortunately, the answer given not correct. Therefore, the level of losses is planed into a transmission system and modulate by the selected conductor size. Either as overhead transmission lines or submarine cables can have lower losses but at higher expense since the larger cross-sectional area will generally result in lower losses but cost more for the DC and AC conductors. It is mostly by economic choice, when converters are used for DC transmission in preference to AC transmission driven by one of the following reasons: An overhead DC transmission line with its towers can be designed to be less costly per unit of length than an equivalent AC line designed to transmit the same level of electric power. However it is more costly at each end of the DC converter stations than the terminating stations of an AC line. Therefore, there is a breakeven distance above which the total cost of DC transmission is less than its AC transmission alternative. Lower visual profile can have by the DC transmission line than an equivalent AC line. Indeed, it lead to a lower environmental impact. There are other environmental advantages to a DC transmission line through the electric and magnetic fields being DC instead of ac. The breakeven distance is lesser than overhead transmission, if transmission is by submarine or underground cable. It is not practicable to consider AC cable systems exceeding 50 km but DC cable transmission systems are in service with length which is in hundreds of kilometers and even distances greater than or equal 600 km have been considered executable. Neighboring networks are not synchronized with some AC electric power systems even though their physical distances between them are quite small. This situation occurs in Japan. It is 60 Hz network for half the country and the 50 Hz system for the other side. It is physically impossible to connect the both of them together by direct AC methods in order to exchange electric power between them. Nevertheless, it is likely to transfer the needed power flow even though the AC systems, if a DC converter station is located in each system with an interconnecting DC link between them indeed connected remain asynchronous [1]. OBJECTIVES The main objectives of this research are: To study the Newton-Raphson method for the load flow analysis. To modified the Newton-Raphson method to attain compatibility for AC/DC systems with integrated DC links in the AC network. SIGNIFICANT OF STUDY Load flow study is a crucial tool that involve with the numerical analysis applied to a power system. A power flow study usually uses simplified notation such as a one-line diagram and per-unit system and focuses on various forms of AC power (i.e. voltages, voltage angles, real power and reactive power) [5]. Normal steady-state operation is how the power system is analyze. Exist a few number of software implementations of power flow studies. Load flow analysis is probably the most important of all network calculations since it concerns the network performance in its normal operating conditions. It is performed to enquire the magnitude and phase angle of the voltage at each bus and the real and reactive power flows in the system components. The important of this study is to attain compatibility for AC/DC systems with integrated DC links in the AC network by using the modification of the Newton-Raphson power flow analysis method. SCOPE OF WORK The scope of this research is to analyze IEEE test system with the modified Newton-Raphson algorithm that will be develop and to solve the HVDC link power system load flow. This algorithm will be develop from the Newton-Raphson equation and some other equation from the DC link equations. The Jacobian equation for the AC power flow is altered to attain compatibility for systems with integrated DC link(s) in the AC network. Treated as voltage dependent PQ-buses are the converters. This grant the DC variables to be included in the power flow equations. Both the AC network and the DC link will be comprise by the new residual vector and Jacobian matrix [6]. LITERATURE REVIEW The studies of integrated ac/dc power system, their advantages and analysis of load flow in integrated ac/dc power system and their implementation is much developed here the literature review on these aspects is briefly summarized as: K. Ayan, U. Arifoglu, U. Kilic represent the Load Flow (LF) analysis of pure AC power systems is solved saperately. It is by numerical analysis methods and the heuristic methods. The load flow of integrated ac/dc power systems only has been implementing by numerical methods so far. A lot of methods to implement load flow analysis of integrated ac/dc power systems in literature. Examples of these methods are Newton-Raphson, Fast Decoupled and Broyden. By using Genetic Algorithm the consecutive load flow analysis of AC/DC system is implemented. The suggest method is examine on IEEE 9-bus test system. Heuristic method is apply for load flow analysis of the integrated AC/DC power systems for the first time [7]. Panosyan and Oswald presented the model of a two-terminal HVDC link and its integration into the Newton-Raphson method for the load flow analysis taking into consideration the control strategies of the HVDC converter stations. It is suggested that the simplest way of integrating a dc link into the ac load flow is by representing it by constant active and reactive power injections at the two terminal buses in the ac systems. Thus the two terminal ac/dc buses are delineate as a PQ-bus with a constant voltage independent active and reactive power [8]. Sanghavi and Banerjee suggested a sequential approach for performing the load flow analysis of an integrated ac/dc power system. In this approach a simplified model of the dc link has been developed and the means of integrating the link equation with a standard ac load flow program has been explained. in this model minimum amount of modifications have been made with a standard ac load flow program [3]. Mobarak presented the well-known Newton-Raphson method for the load flow analysis of system consisting of HVDC link. The original NR method is modified to attain compatibility for AC/DC systems with integrated DC links in the AC network. The altered Jacobian equation includes the DC real and reactive power at the AC/DC buses and the dependency on the AC system variables [9]. Marsafawy and Mathur proposed a new method for the load-flow calculations of, integrated AC/DC systems. They proposed use of fast decoupled load flow method, which handles all AC/DC equations simultaneously, and fully exploits the sparsity techniques. They have shown application of the technique on two systems. The systems are one with a point to-point DC transmission and the other with a 3-terminal mesh HVDC sub-system. It was a fast technique for load-flow studies of an integrated AC/DC system [10]. Â   METHODOLOGY Definition of Terms/Concepts MATLAB: MATLABÂ ®is a high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming. Using MATLAB, data can be analyze, develop algorithms, and create models and applications. The language, tools, and built-in math functions enable us to explore multiple approaches and reach a solution faster than with spreadsheets or traditional programming languages. Newton-Raphson Equation: Power flow equations formulated in polar form. Expressing in polar form; Separating the real and imaginary parts; Expanding equation above in Taylors series The Jacobian matrix; DC Link Equation: Suppose the rectifier maintains constant current (CC), the inverter operates with constant extinction angle (CEA), maintaining adequate commutation margin under normal operation. That is: If we assume the rectifier maintains constant current (CC), the inverter operates with constant voltage (CV), maintaining adequate commutation margin under normal operation. That is: CONCLUSION In a nutshell, the objective of this study will be achieved after all the research have been done. The Newton-Raphson method will be study and will be applied in the load flow analysis. Then, the Newton-Raphson method will be modified and applied in the AC/DC systems with the integrated DC links in the AC network to achieve it compatibility. The research will able to make the calculation for the AC/DC systems with integrated DC links in the AC network become easy. A new method to include dc systems in power flow calculations will be proposed. The method is more efficient than previous methods and more importantly, the method is easy to implement and developments of ac power flow solution techniques can be combined with the other method. REFERENCES [1]D. A. Woodford, HVDC transmission, Manitoba HVDC Research Centre, pp. 400-1619, 1998. [2]J. Arrillaga and P. Bodger, Integration of h.v.d.c. links with fast-decoupled load-flow solutions, Electrical Engineers, Proceedings of the Institution of, vol. 124, pp. 463-468, 1977. [3]H. A. Sanghavi and S. K. Banerjee, Load flow analysis of integrated AC-DC power systems, in TENCON 89. Fourth IEEE Region 10 International Conference, 1989, pp. 746-751. [4]H. Sato and J. Arrillaga, Improved load-flow techniques for integrated a.c.-d.c. systems, Electrical Engineers, Proceedings of the Institution of, vol. 116, pp. 525-532, 1969. [5]S. Gupta and S. K. Jain, Power flow analysis of system with HVDC link, 2012. [6]O. Osaloni and G. Radman, Integrated AC/DC systems power flow solution using Newton-Raphson and Broyden approaches, in System Theory, 2005. SSST05. Proceedings of the Thirty-Seventh Southeastern Symposium on, 2005, pp. 225-229. [7]K. Ayan, U. Arifoglu, and U. Kilic, Integrated AC/DC systems Load Flow using Genetic Algorithm, in Power Engineering and Optimization Conference (PEOCO), 2011 5th International, 2011, pp. 404-409. [8]A. Panosyan and B. Oswald, Modified Newton-Raphson load flow analysis for integrated AC/DC power systems, in Universities Power Engineering Conference, 2004. UPEC 2004. 39th International, 2004, pp. 1223-1227. [9]Y. A. Mobarak, Notice of Violation of IEEE Publication PrinciplesModified load flow analysis for integrated AC/DC power systems, in Power System Conference, 2008. MEPCON 2008. 12th International Middle-East, 2008, pp. 402-405. [10]M. M. El-Marsafawy and R. M. Mathur, A New, Fast Technique for Load-Flow Solution of Integrated Multi-Terminal DC/AC Systems, Power Apparatus and Systems, IEEE Transactions on, vol. PAS-99, pp. 246-255, 1980.

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Opportunity Assessment Essay

Explain the purpose and value of a business plan to a new or existing business. There is a whole host of reasons to justify the preparation of a business plan, not just for business start-up enterprises, but as a model of good practice for established organizations. First, the process of producing a business plan acts as a very efficient method of focusing the ideas of entrepreneurs in terms of defining their objectives and assessing their own abilities to organize and run the business. A business plan also acts as a means of testing the viability of the business proposal before actually committing its proposers to any substantial expenditure or investment. As there are relatively few entrepreneurs who have the resources to be totally self-financing, most are faced at some point in time with the need to raise external finance. The possession of a business plan is crucial to the business’ future; an appointment with the financier or bank manager who is a potential investor or source of loan to discuss a proposal is a bit like an audition in a Hollywood film – if they blow their lines, they blow their chances, or at least, they reduce their prospects of getting the part they want. Written business plans are essential to guide bankers, lenders or investors in understanding and monitoring the financial strength of the business entity. So the most important thing is to prepare the plan thoroughly and to present it in a professional and competent manner. The elements of a business plan is primarily for the benefit of the lending institution and should not be confused with the strategic or detailed operating plans the business may use for internal management purposes. The kind of business plan any banker, lender or investor looks for should provide broad-based financial and organizational information. It should be made available upon submission of the initial credit request and updated periodically thereafter. Financial statements, together with management’s analysis of financial performance, for the past three-year period are especially essential. In addition, the banker, lender or investor will want to see financial performance projections for the coming two or three years. Define the term `micro business` and outline the contribution micro business make to the Australian economy. The term micro business tends to better describe the smallest niche within the small business world. A micro business is, in general, fewer than ten people and includes some unique needs to that space. It typically requires less than US$15,000 in start-up capital, which means that it does not have access to the commercial banking sector because initial loan needs are usually less than US$15,000. In most micro-enterprises, the owner is the sole operator and worker. The capital needs of micro-businesses are too small to be of interest to formal financial markets, yet too large to be covered by the personal means of business starters particularly if they come out of precarious situations. In more cases than not, micro business owners mix personal expenses with business expenses, clouding the company’s functional cost relationships and making ratio analysis very difficult. Typical micro business operators only keep cash records during the year. They present a ‘shoe-box’ of records to their accountants at year end. They only use their accountant to generate a tax return and set of accounts, which might be received six months after the year end. Market niches tend to be defined geographically. Typically, competitive businesses turn over very rapidly, with frequent new entrants to the market, many ownership changes, and a high percentage of bankruptcies and liquidations. Micro business is a key niche to keep in mind in today’s economy and a field that is quickly starting to gain enterprise attention. The economic significance of micro-businesses to the economy of Australia as well as to the global economy is highly acknowledged. This is for the reason that the involvement that micro-businesses create for both employment and the income it produces. Micro-businesses put in $20,193 million to the Australian industry’s GNP and provide work for more than 1/3 of micro-business workers (Khosrowpour 525). Briefly explain the role market research plays in the evaluation of a business opportunity. An entrepreneur must make a commitment to pursuing a business opportunity long before the outcome of that decision is known. How can he know whether the opportunities he is pursuing have a perfect fit with the marketplace, need to be expedited on a rush basis, and are the right decisions to go ahead with? Market research is the answer. Market research is the compilation and examination of any trustworthy information that improves managerial decisions. An entrepreneur needs to do market research to identify and assess an opportunity. Intuition, personal expertise, and passion can take businessmen only so far. Both traditional and nontraditional marketing research can be used to assess opportunity. Research is vital in strategic evaluation if new ideas for diversifying the business are evaluated or tested out. A company entering a new market with a new product is unlikely to know much about that market, and is going to be dependent on good information for decision making for developing sales of the new product and services. The research is likely to reduce the uncertainty about pursuing the diversification opportunity, and to help managers to plan, based on known and defined customer needs. In all practical terms, the application of market research to identify problems and opportunities and to evaluate programs of activity is as important as in other areas of marketing communications. It is the methodical and objective recognition, compilation, study and distribution of information for the intention of supporting business decision-making activities connected to the detection and resolution of business troubles and prospects. Certainly market research plays an important role in business decision making, but ultimate success in markets is determined by many other factors, not least the commitment of the team, the size and mix of marketing budget, and the ability to react to unforeseen problems. Briefly describe the process by which the total cost price of a product or service is established. Pricing, as a process, can simply be defined as setting or adjusting a price charged to a customer in exchange for a good or service. The need for correct pricing decisions has become even more important as global competition has become more intense. Organizations that have been successful in making profitable pricing decisions have been able to raise prices successfully or reduce prices without competitive retaliation. Pricing policy cannot be established in a vacuum. The selling price of the product or service should be consistent with the entrepreneur’s marketing goals, the image he or she is attempting to project, and the perceptions and expectations of the target market. Also, the pricing decision must be viewed as in interactive process in that there is a strong need for cross-functional interaction. It should be clear that effective pricing decisions involve considerations of many factors, and no single model will fit all pricing decisions. While all pricing decisions cannot be made strictly on the general model to be presented in the next paragraph, it does break pricing strategy into a set of manageable stages that are integrated into the overall marketing strategy. Given a product or service designed for a specific target market, the pricing process begins with a clear statement of the pricing objectives. These objectives guide the pricing strategy and should be designed to support the overall marketing strategy. The evaluation of the relationship of product or service to pricing with respect to the distinctiveness, perishability and stage of the life cycle a product/service is in all affect pricing. In addition, marketers need to consider what value the product/service has for customers and how price will influence product/service positioning. The other components of the marketing mix need to be also examined in relation to the pricing component, in order to arrive at a total price. Although the main basis should be the product or service cost, marketers should combine various criteria in setting prices rather than considering only the costs. What is the difference between a projected Profit and Loss Statement and a Projected Cash Flow? Why do you need both? There are several distinctions between projected cash flow and projected profit and loss statement. Although both are only estimates, one difference is that the projected cash flow statement will record budgeted cash receipts from customers, while the projected income statement will show forecast revenue for the period. Further, the projected cash flow statement will record budgeted cash payments to suppliers, while the projected income statement will show forecast of sales, which will reflect opening inventory, plus purchases, less closing inventory. Furthermore, the projected cash flow statement shows the budgeted cash payments for the expenses such as wages, electricity and rates while the projected income statement will record the expenditure expected to be consumed in the period, reflecting any accounts or prepayments. Lastly, the projected cash flow will reflect the cost of purchasing a non-current asset at the expected date of purchase and the proceeds at the date of sale, while the projected income statement will record a depreciation charge for the consumption of the asset and a profit or loss on disposal. The business needs both of these projected statements because they are important tools of financial analysis. Projected cash flow statement, for instance, is a point of comparison for actual cash flow statement so that the firm can find out the variation and take necessary remedial measures. It also helps in overcoming the problem of meeting deficit cash or investment of surplus cash because projected cash flow is usually prepared on the basis of the past year’s experience. Using the cash flow forecast enhances the business’ versatility and allows it to adjust its planning horizon as the business grows. A projected income statement is likewise an invaluable tool. It will help the business estimate its approximate income and expenses in the short term, from months to a few years. It will give a gauge to judge the financial progress of the company. Outline the legal avenues available to an individual to protect intellectual property. Even though it is an intangible term for a theoretical concept, intellectual property is nevertheless completely well-known to practically everybody. While the underpinnings of material property rights are clear, those of intellectual property rights appear clouded. Intellectual property rights have seen perceptible, indeed substantial extensions in the last decade alone. Copyrights, service marks, trademarks and patents are all types of intellectual property, and are avenues for individuals in the United States to protect their intellectual property. The examination of intellectual property law is significant since intellectual property is captivating an escalating implication worldwide. Copyright and trademarks are directly related to the Web, patents less so except if the thing being patented is a new type of technology that affects how the Web is actually used. Trademarks and service marks are used to protect logos, unique elements, phrases, services and official names that have sufficient distinctive character by which the government recognizes the concept as being unique and wholly owned by the individual. At common law, the individual who utilized a symbol or mark to classify a company or manufactured good was sheltered in the employment of the trademark. Service marks protect services rather than products, which is its main difference with trademark, in where the later protects products. Copyright protects everything that goes into a website or in print. It provides the inventor of a work the right to the restricted utilization of that said work for a certain time. Copyright infringement is all too common, often resulting in lawsuits in which individuals receive handsome compensation for having their work ripped off. A patent is a government endowment that bestows an inventor the private right to produce, utilize and put up for sale the invention for a time of twenty years since the time of filing a request for a patent. If a firm produces, utilize and put up for sale a patented blueprint, produce or procedure without the consent of the owner of the patent, it is obligated with the tort of patent infringement. What are the main advantages of operating your business as a company rather than as a sole trader or partnership? Are there any disadvantages? The primary advantage of operating the business as a corporation is protection against liability. The corporation can protect one’s personal assets in the event of a judgment against the business. This is because the corporation’s assets (cash, real estate, securities, accounts payable, etc. ) do not include one’s personal property and assets such as car, house, bank account, and other personal property. One’s personal property is considered separate from the property and assets of the corporation. A second advantage over sole proprietorship or partnership is organization and efficiency. No matter what form the business takes, keeping one’s personal and business finances and assets separate is crucial to the survival of the business. If one’s business and personal finances are intertwined, it will prove difficult and eventually impossible to sort them out to the satisfaction of say, banks and other financial institutions where one may be applying for business loans. A third advantage is savings. There are myriad instances where, as a corporation, one may be able to save on business costs – savings that might otherwise be unavailable to one as a sole proprietor or partnership business. For instance, business equipment amortization IRS allowance and schedules are generally more favorable for corporations than for individuals and partners. Also, financial institutions tend t give more favorable credit and lending rates to corporations as opposed to individuals and partners. The primary disadvantages, on the other hand, are the record-keeping that is required and the fact that corporations are subject to double taxation – the corporation pays taxes on its profits, and if one receives some of those profits as dividends, he/she will be taxed, too. Moreover, the business has to maintain minimal corporate formalities that will take some time and effort, including government regulation of the creation of the corporation, issuance of stock and operations of the organization. The lack of management skills is the cause of 92% of business failure. Does a successful business operator have to be expert or competent in all facets of business management? Long ago in business literature, experts have researched the role of the entrepreneur in firm failure. Managerial deficiencies, inexperience, and inefficiency are consistent themes in the literature explaining business failure. Researchers found that many firm characteristics – particularly decision-based ones – were directly related to the entrepreneurial characteristics. These included lack of insight, inflexibility, and emphasis on technical skills. Additionally, managerial deficiencies and the financial shortcomings of the entrepreneur also contributed to failure. Other researchers have further found support for the case that lack of management expertise along with financial matters was the most common causes of business failure. Some of these researchers pointed to poor management skills as the most frequently identified common theme in business failure. The significance that is placed on management deficiencies as a cause has therefore warranted a closer examination of the specific areas where these deficiencies are greatest. Although this is the case, it is often unfeasible for a business operator to be an expert on all facets of business management. This is the role of consultants; experts that business owners hire too assist in the facilitation of business management processes. The business operator may not possess the expert comprehension of the specialist (such as technology specialist) but it is the business operator who is familiar with the worth and the prospect of expert knowledge. Thus the management expert has specialized knowledge and the business operator has knowledge breadth and it is through the organization that the two kinds of knowledge are united to create wealth. The proven formula for success involves leveraging limited human and financial resources. For example, most business operators lack at least one critical management function, such as a controller or a sales manager. An outside accounting firm, a part-time employee, a channel partner, or a retired person could perform these functions. You have been approached by a person who has identified a business opportunity and who needs some assistance to evaluate it. Outline the advice you would give to such a person? An opportunity is not just an idea. A business opportunity must grow an idea with the potential to develop with the enterprise that has a reasonable chance to succeed. This means that all of the pieces of the puzzle must come together, and in the right order. There should first be the evaluation of external and internal factors that may influence the potential of the business opportunity. External analysis should consider both the general environment, and big picture, and the industry setting in which the venture might do business. Identifying potential affecters in the external environment is definitely worth the effort, but business concepts make sense only if they fit well with the internal potentials of the business. In other words, the entrepreneur’s understanding of potential business opportunities should be combined with insights into what the entrepreneur is able to do. With respect to the chosen sector/industry, learners need to know how to perform a systematic search for new business opportunities as well as how to analyze and evaluate them. There are many different tools identifying opportunities to determine ideas that are worthy of further development, like Drucker’s Seven Sources of Innovative Opportunity, Boston Consulting Group Matrix, GE Planning Grid, 7-S Model and Competitive Strength vs. Market Attractiveness Model. Assessment can be more ‘real world’ if the task of evaluation relates to an idea, plan or proposal with which an individual can identify personally. Determining whether an opportunity is possibly right for a company is not the same as deciding to enter a business, nor is evaluating an opportunity the same as evaluating a business plan. Grabbing a business opportunity is appropriate only after it has been determined that the opportunity itself is both valid and right for the company and the company has a business strategy and plan to which it is prepared to commit. Once a business has become established, it requires sound management systems to operate efficiently. Describe the system you would put in place to operate and control a small business. If the strategic objectives of the business are to be successfully implemented, then first, it is critical to identify the systems that will need to be in place in order to achieve them. The key management systems will typically be those that actively contribute towards the primary goals or profitability of the business. This includes the production functions that manufacture goods for sale and the sales and marketing that sell those goods to the customers. This is all about having the right resources in place to achieve the desired objectives of the business. Without these key systems in place, the strategic development of the business will not work, which is precisely why they must be right before anything can be started. The second stage is to ensure that the support systems are in place. These are the functions that enable the key systems to operate smoothly, such as the purchasing, stores, administration and distribution functions, not forgetting the management systems to organize and coordinate these. The third stage is to ensure that adequate monitoring and control systems are in place both to monitor the expansion of old or the implementation of new systems, and to monitor the efficacy of the whole strategic process and its component parts. In order to implement both the key systems and support systems, it will be necessary to produce an action plan which identifies the critical dates by which each one of these systems must be in place. The action plan should be regarded as a means to an end, as opposed to something that, once set, cannot be changed. Although it sets the guidelines and targets for the process, it must be flexible enough to account for, and respond to, any factors that are beyond the control of the process. The planning procedures must be, like the workings of each of the systems, subject to the same planning and review cycle if they are to function efficiently.

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High School is Not for everyone Essay

Have you ever heard the statement, â€Å"College is not for everyone†? Well what if we took it a little further and said that high school is not for everyone? Is this a reasonable statement to make and is it sensible enough to even be considered? Carol Jago believes so; she says that entrance to high school ought not be automatic, and that only those demonstrating â€Å"minimum competency in math, reading and writing† be allowed to enroll in high school (191). Should this proposal be ignored or admired? Carol Jago says that at the end of middle school all students should take an exam, an exam which will ultimately determine their future. The exam will have the basics of everything that the students have learned thus far on it and depending on what the score is, the student will be subject to high school if they pass, apprenticeships if they fail, or classes that will allow them to retake the test if they fail. In my opinion, this is a magnificent idea. I do not believe that steady schooling is for everyone. Why not start off early with our choice of career rather than waste more time in school? If you know for sure that you would like to be a plumber, carpenter or even a warehouse worker what is the point in continuing your education further than the simple basics? In most high schools, about half of the students do not pay attention while in the classroom. This ultimately causes a disturbance, disabling the rest of the students who actually care about their work to not learn and the teachers to get off track or behind with teaching the desired material. With Jago’s plan we can weed out these sorts of problems and supply a richer education in the classrooms. On a more personal level, I myself changed high schools because of this very problem. When I was in the classroom I felt as though the teachers were taking more time disciplining students than teaching the actual coursework. I then realized that this was not the place for me because I wanted a richer education; therefore I changed schools. I went to a high school that hand selected the students based on academic success thus far and talent. By making that change I feel as though I learned more things and had more doors opened for me then I could have ever imagined at the other high school. His plan is a win-win situation but of course there are areas that one may question. For example, at such an early age children don’t know exactly what they want to do with life yet. Therefore making such a life changing decision is very critical and many people won’t agree with it. At the end of middle school children are about 14 years old. While they are in the teen stage of their life, they still are not capable of saying that they don’t want to continue with high school and that they will work with their hands for the rest of their life. After they make this decision there is no turning back. This ultimately adds stress to the youth earlier to figure out what they would like to do with their life. But, as stated before, why not weed out the kids who just don’t want to be there anyway? In order to come to a common ground. It could be changed so that there is not an entrance exam to high school as an whole, but there be an entrance exam to all classes that the students will take. For example if a student is entered for biology they will have to take the science test to see if they are at a point that’s eligible for them to take the class. This then creates a middle area for the two ideas. People who are behind in class will be put in a classroom together and the ones who care and know their work will be together. This method is adopted by many private schools. Today’s students arrive with a wide range of backgrounds. Correct placement ensures higher success rates for students. Students are more satisfied with the education they are receiving, and instructors can focus on teaching the content of the course instead of dealing with ill-prepared students. Institutions can plan appropriate levels of courses and be confident that they are meeting students’ needs. (Maple T. A) But what is the opposite of adapting the plan? Simply allowing things to stay the way that they are? Our youth will continue to receive poor education and waste their time. This is becoming more and more of a problem every day and if we don’t take action it will only hurt our future because children are the future. There needs to be a change. Works Cited â€Å"High School Placement Test – HSPT. † Scholastic Testing Service, Inc. – HSPT. Scholastic Testing Services, 2009. Web. 25 Apr. 2013. Ender, Markal. â€Å"High School Entrance Exams – Demystifying the Acronyms SSAT, ISEE and HSPT. † SFTutors RSS. SFTutors, 2004. Web. 25 Apr. 2013. â€Å"Why Use the MAA Placement Tests? † Maplesoft. Maple T. A, n. d. Web. 25 Apr. 2013.

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Health Law and Regulations Essay Example

Health Law and Regulations Essay Example Health Law and Regulations Essay Health Law and Regulations Essay Health attention is high on the list of the most regulated entities. Regulated by the authorities. the wellness attention sector is besides regulated by different private organic structures. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations ( JCAHO ) together with the National Committee on Quality Assurance ( NCQA ) and different medical fortes form portion of the private wellness attention regulative entities that collaborate with the authorities. Health attention ordinance is focused on three chief functions ; cost control. quality control. and entree enlargement and control. These three maps are subdivided into aims covering each facet refering to the wellness attention country. While the regulative plan exists to carry through the three above. quality control causes a decrease of entree. and increases the cost because of an addition in demand. Despite the mutuality of these aims. wellness attention ordinance does non indulge competition amongst the regulative organic structures. Important in the regulative industry are those who engage each other with the same end towards bettering the wellness attention. A bulk of the wellness attention regulative federal bureaus in America are comprised within the Federal Department of Health and Human Services ( DHHS ) . The American fundamental law directs all wellness attention regulators to obey the fit legal procedure as their activities contain the possible to restrict or transgress the rights of wellness attention. Health attention is a high degree of bureaucratism and extended legal processs. Regulators are provided a notice for their proposed ordinance with findings to back up it. after which the sector under ordinance is allowed to contend or appeal the proposal. The legal procedure is appealed in every wellness attention process. whether if it’s to prove a new drug. suspend a practitioner’s licence. or a ordinance on environmental criterions. The Affordable Care Act ( ACA ) is a wellness attention ordinance signed into jurisprudence on the 23rd of March. 2010. The law’s chief focal point had been to increase the affordability and quality of American wellness insurance. Its policies were focused on take downing the rates imposed on the uninsured through the enlargement of both the private and public insurance screens. It had besides aimed to cut down the wellness attention costs incurred by the authorities along with citizens. Barely seven yearss after its enforcement had a new wellness attention jurisprudence come into consequence with amendments to the ACA. On March 30. 2010. the president of the United States signed into jurisprudence the Healthcare and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010. The jurisprudence had been enacted by the 111th US Congress ( Blackman. 2013 ) . The ACA has advantages as disadvantages. and has been at the head of political unfavorable judgment since its passage. Its strongest oppositions have cited it to be punitory of the high-end earners to buffer the center and lower categories. It has besides been reported to weigh to a great extent on the nation’s pay measure. In a nutshell. the ACA is designed to cover the bulk of American’s wellness attention insurance. However. the regulation’s cost factor has proven unsustainable without economically aching the high earning entities. The consequence of ACA’s execution has caused an overall negative economic realignment as assorted entities strive to stay afloat ; working hours have been significantly downsized by assorted corporations in expectancy of unsustainable insurance conformity. The ACA ordinance is seen as an economically disabling component in America’s overall economic complex. The tremendous revenue enhancement load shouldered by high gaining entities is evidenced to dribble down to the center and low income earners which resultantly deduces the benefits intended for these groups in an even more terrible manner. To get down with. although the ACA provides low-cost or free wellness attention insurance to 10s of 1000000s of American populations. support is raised through revenue enhancements. With a hiking in revenue enhancements for wellness attention support. gaining populations are left with less to pass. The American center and low income groups are even more affected by the inauspicious effects as rising prices sets in to retrieve the turning shortage induced by the regulation’s execution. The ACA had been endorsed as an affordability enterprise but the repercussive costs have indicated the ordinance as a dearly-won matter across the board. Insurance participants report certain clauses in the ordinance as detrimental to the procedure. An illustration is the ordinances directive for insurance to widen their coverage even to vomit uninsured people at no excess cost. The attendant consequence has been the rise in insurance premium costs which farther complicates the insurer’s function in the enterprise. About all the good facets within the ordinance are countered with contradictory challenges that undermine its intent. While Medicaid is expanded by the ordinance to cover an estimation 15. 9 million citizens below 138 % of the belongings degree. the cost is met by province and federal support which farther imposes an huge step of revenue enhancement escalation. The ordinance nevertheless features more benefits than restrictions with respect to adult females enterprises. The ACA grants up to 47 million adult females entree to wellness attention services consisting health and preventive attention. Additionally. the jurisprudence prohibits adult females paying more than work forces for wellness attention services as had been the instance prior to enactment ( Blackman. 2013 ) . The ACA ordinance started 157 new bureaus. boards and plans to supervise the efficient execution of the jurisprudence aboard modulating wellness attention disbursement. Although there are negative cost deductions associated with the immense inadvertence entities provisioned in the ordinance. advocates argue these costs to be necessary in commanding the unaccounted wellness attention outgo ( Blackman. 2013 ) . Employment in America is presently readapting to follow with the regulation’s 2015 execution stage necessitating all employers to supply an insurance screen on their employees. The attendant consequence to this alteration has been two faced ; little concern have been using portion clip employees full clip to follow with the 2015 authorization while big concerns have been cut downing portion clip working hours to avoid paying the employees insurance when the stage is implemented. The ACA is illustrated as a complex employment factor with many occupations feared to be lost as many new 1s are created. Notably. the ordinance undertakings an result where employees will freely go forth their several occupations without fright for losing retirement benefits affiliated to wellness attention. Consequently. the ordinance aims to diminish employees working hours while keeping and making new employment chances. Despite the employment benefits highlighted within the ACA. many citizens remain disbelieving of the approaching 2015 employer-insurance stage. Dissenting political sentiments are fliping the impending reforms as a negative facet of the ACA passage set to decrease legion occupation chances. Federal and private wellness attention ordinance remains as an of import constituent in the broader sense of the wellness industry covering every individual facet entailed in human wellness. The quality. cost and entree control aims are characteristic to every wellness related industry. With respect to personal experience. I have on several occasions observed medical licences revoked for certain practicians following a legal procedure to challenge the quality displayed by the practicians in context. The two mentioned above 2010 wellness attention ordinances contain a complex and largely long term docket aimed at breaking the quality of wellness attention services in America. The current challenges are mostly short-run and should non be invoked to sabotage long-run benefits. A healthy argument is nevertheless indispensable to guarantee minimized negations throughout the execution procedure. Mentions Top of Form Blackman. J. ( 2013 ) . Unprecedented: The constitutional challenge to Obamacare. Bottom of Form

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Free Essays on Poem for my Sister

POEM FOR MY SISTER by Liz Lochead A poem I have recently read is called ‘poem for my sister’, which was written by Liz Lochead. This essay is going to investigate how Liz Lochead feels as an older sister towards her little sister, what techniques she uses to get what effects, what the sister’s relationship is like and how effective the poet has been. The poem is made up of three stanzas. In stanza 1, Liz Lochead explains about how her little sister likes to try on her grown-up shoes. In stanza 2 though she tells us about how she likes to watch her little sister play kid games and how good she is at them. Finally, in stanza 3, Liz Lochead warns her sister away from wearing unsuitable shoes. In stanza 1, Liz Lochead shows us how she feels about her little sister. She tells us of an everyday occurrence; her little sister trying on her shoes, â€Å"My little sister likes to try on my shoes, to strut in them†. The obvious meaning of this stanza is that her little sister wants to wear grown-up shoes but the big sister thinks she is still too young, â€Å"She says they fit her perfectly, but wobbles†. The second meaning is that the little sister is at a difficult age in her life, she’s getting too old to be a kid but is no good at being an adult but keeps trying desperately to be an adult anyway. The word â€Å"wobbles† means both that she physically cannot cope with wearing grown-up shoes and that she is also wobbling between childhood and adulthood, showing that it is not easy to balance, this message becomes clearer through the poem as she starts to speak of her little sister playing kid games. Liz Lochead uses quite a lot of alliteration in Stanza 1. She uses dashes and commas to speed up the rhythm of the poem, â€Å"admire her spindle-thin twelve-year-old legs†. I find her use of dashes and commas very effective in speeding up the rhythm. Stanza 1 shows much about the sister’s relationship, they are quite close but not too c... Free Essays on Poem for my Sister Free Essays on Poem for my Sister POEM FOR MY SISTER by Liz Lochead A poem I have recently read is called ‘poem for my sister’, which was written by Liz Lochead. This essay is going to investigate how Liz Lochead feels as an older sister towards her little sister, what techniques she uses to get what effects, what the sister’s relationship is like and how effective the poet has been. The poem is made up of three stanzas. In stanza 1, Liz Lochead explains about how her little sister likes to try on her grown-up shoes. In stanza 2 though she tells us about how she likes to watch her little sister play kid games and how good she is at them. Finally, in stanza 3, Liz Lochead warns her sister away from wearing unsuitable shoes. In stanza 1, Liz Lochead shows us how she feels about her little sister. She tells us of an everyday occurrence; her little sister trying on her shoes, â€Å"My little sister likes to try on my shoes, to strut in them†. The obvious meaning of this stanza is that her little sister wants to wear grown-up shoes but the big sister thinks she is still too young, â€Å"She says they fit her perfectly, but wobbles†. The second meaning is that the little sister is at a difficult age in her life, she’s getting too old to be a kid but is no good at being an adult but keeps trying desperately to be an adult anyway. The word â€Å"wobbles† means both that she physically cannot cope with wearing grown-up shoes and that she is also wobbling between childhood and adulthood, showing that it is not easy to balance, this message becomes clearer through the poem as she starts to speak of her little sister playing kid games. Liz Lochead uses quite a lot of alliteration in Stanza 1. She uses dashes and commas to speed up the rhythm of the poem, â€Å"admire her spindle-thin twelve-year-old legs†. I find her use of dashes and commas very effective in speeding up the rhythm. Stanza 1 shows much about the sister’s relationship, they are quite close but not too c...

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Accidents & Catastrophes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Accidents & Catastrophes - Essay Example s a hazard to passers by and similarly noxious substances also pose risks to people but it is the degree of the outcome of each of these hazards that actually varies. An accident would result if somebody falls if he does not observe the stone or an accident can also result if a group of people get exposed to toxic substances. Hence an accident can actually be described as an untoward incident which is not expected and does not bring about good results. Accidents are not done with deliberate reasons by the people who are affected by it (Kovach & McGuire 2003). According to Paul Craythorne who is a health, safety and environmental advisor, an accident is defined as â€Å"an unplanned and uncontrolled event that led to or could have led to injury to persons, property/plant/equipment, and impairment to the environment or some other loss to the company.† Uncontrollable events can also be given the name of accidents. Depending upon the condition an accident can be avoidable or unavoidable. Certain accidents can be foreseen and hence they can be prevented from occurring by taking the proper measures. Accidents are led to by certain human errors. To consider this is we can take example of aircraft accidents. Air crashes are seen in cases when the aeroplane is not checked before the flight takes off or some defect in it goes unnoticed. This can lead to an accident resulting in several deaths. Thus an error in checking can be a cause of this accident. Accidents can be avoided sometimes if appropriate methods are employed. In the same example if the aircraft would have been checked properly this untoward incident could have been avoidable. But this is not always the case. For example if a flight takes off under perfect conditions. But after take off the weather suddenly becomes really bad and the flight crashes into a mountain, this is ag ain an accident. But this accident becomes unavoidable and it is not due to human error. An accident is classified on the basis of its

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Critical Thinking about the Vietnam Conflict Research Paper

Critical Thinking about the Vietnam Conflict - Research Paper Example Meanwhile, the cold war was in its peak. Therefore, the US leaders hesitated to take actions as this could trigger tension which may eventually lead to World War III (Leuhusen par 1). However, tension became irresistible later after which the battle ensued. William, who was a US commander, led the US army in the battle. A tough war started soon during which a large number of people lost their lives. Media in Vietnam War In the contemporary world, the role of media in influencing the people has significantly increased. The media can significantly influence the people’s thinking either positively or negatively. The media has also played a major role in improving communication across the world. During the Vietnam War, the media had a pivotal role that had a strong impact on the way people conducted themselves then. The main factor that causes war is the differences among various groups that emerge from differences in ideologies and opinions. In connection to this, the media has a significant role in influencing people’s views and opinions on various aspects. Therefore, media can be a very strong agent of war. In the case of Vietnam War, the media played a significant role in influencing people’s perception as well as courses of actions. The media can also play a significant role in fostering peace among the people by promoting consensus among antagonist groups. For instance, people are usually influenced by the available information while making important conclusions about the war. The information they get may trigger negative or positive mentality about the war. The media have a significant contribution in this case. Therefore, the role of the media in the Vietnam War was too important to ignore. As noted earlier, the major cause of the Vietnam War... Capitalism and communism are two totally opposing modes of production. In communism, the means of production are collectively owned. In this mode of production, people work together after which they share the products equally amongst themselves. On the other hand, the capitalism mode of production is characterized by private ownership of the means of production. This is opposed to the socialism production where the property is owned collectively by the community. Therefore, the two were totally different from each other. Due to these differences, conflict was bound to emanate from the two sides. Both systems cannot exist in the same economy. In this case, communism poses a great threat to the American economy. As the world’s largest economy, the spread of communism could threaten the investment and other economic relations that America had with these regions. America’s economic interests were favored by capitalism rather than communism. In capitalism, America could easi ly realize its economic interests. In other words, these differences played a major role in promoting the war in Vietnam. From this perspective, United States believed that it had enough reasons for being in war with Vietnam. In real sense, it looked odd for the United States to go into war with a small country like Vietnam. Furthermore, Vietnam is located far away from the Asian countries. This posed many questions among the people. Many people believed that there were no enough reasons for the United States to take such kind of action. That is, going into war with a small country like Vietnam without justifiable reasons. In an effort to convince people about the logic for the action, propaganda machine was set into action.